designed & built for your style of adventure

Reed Building Co. is a design and build shop in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in bespoke vans and marine restorations. Everything that leaves our shop is designed to meet the unique needs, styles and aspirations of our clients.

featured builds

Brasada   140 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4

140 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4

Paddy   144 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4

144 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4

Dusty   Volkswagon Vanagon

Volkswagon Vanagon

who we are

Located in Portland, OR, Reed Building Co is led by founder and owner Scott Reed. From a long line of makers and builders, Scott inherited a deep respect for the art of building at a young age. His lifelong passion for designing and constructing small spaces began at age 12 when he restored his first wooden boat.

our approach

Whether you go by land or sea, we want to bring you closer to the people and places you love. With decades of adventuring in our own custom-built vans and sailboats, we have a deep understanding of the technical and aesthetic intricacies that make for a comfortable and functional home away from home.

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